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Beuys at 100

A Demarco Archive Virtual 360˚ Tour & Multimedia

To celebrate the 100th year since the birth of Richard's dear friend and creative collaborator, the Demarco Archive Trust present videos and virtual exploration of the first level of Richard's "Gesamtkunstwerk" and the Beuysian legacy.


An archive television interview, filmed during the National Galleries of Scotland exhibition

"Richard Demarco & Joseph Beuys: A Unique Partnership" (2016)

Celebrating Joseph Beuys on the 100th anniversary of his birth
An 'In Conversation' Zoom meeting between Prof. Richard Demarco & Dr Victoria Walters of Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University (12/05/21)
Audio player and YouTube link below:

Demarco on Beuys (12.05.12)Richard Demarco
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The Demarco Archive Virtual 360˚ Tour Part 1

Point your cursor on any area of the image below to view the space in 360˚ - then click on any of the small icons to progress and watch 19 videos of

Richard Demarco studying the Beuysian influence upon the archive, both in artworks and Richard's event photography. 

The Demarco Archive Trust will update this virtual experience regularly as we individually capture the many rooms.


We hope you enjoy this unique tour and please email your thoughts, Richard would be delighted to hear your feedback!

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1: Ground Floor - Long Gallery

Featuring event photography of Joseph Beuys, Edinburgh Arts and artwork by

Arthur Watson and Terry Ann Newman

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