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Richard Demarco at the ‘Passion for Music’

Exhibition, Dalkeith Palace

(dir. Michael Lloyd, 2023)

Richard Demarco at the Inception Art Show,

Dalkeith Palace

(dir. Michael Lloyd, 2023)

Beuys, Demarco and the Spirit of Summerhall

(dir. Michael Lloyd, 2022)

Interview with Terry Lane

(dir. Michael Lloyd, 2023)

Richard with the author Serafina Crolla (2022)

Jim Haynes' Edinburgh (dir. Michael Lloyd 2020)

Richard and Amanda (dir. Marco Federici 2020)

Art or Artifice (dir. Michael Lloyd 2019)

Art or Artifice: A Postscript (dir. Michael Lloyd 2020)

Demarco On Connery (dir. Dr. Marco Federici 2020)

>> Strategy: Get Arts <<  50th Anniversary

(dir. Dr. Marco Federici 2020)

Save The Demarco Archive 

(dir. Dr. Marco Federici 2020)

Boyle Conversation (dir. Michael Lloyd 2019)

Richard Demarco in Venafro

(dir. Marco Federici, October 2019)

"For The Love of the Clyde"

(dir. Marco Federici, Maclaurin Gallery Exhibition 2019)

"An Introduction to John Hale "

(dir. Marco Federici, Venice, May 2019)

In Conversation With Radu Varia

(dir. Marco Federici, Venice, May 2019)

An Introduction to "Art and Healing"

(dir. Marco Federici, Venice, May 2019)

Richard Demarco and Andrew Marr

discuss the "Highland River" Exhibition

(dir. Marco Federici, April 2019)

Richard Demarco in Ardrishaig

with Scottish Canals

(dir. Marco Federici, March2019)

"Demarco In Dunoon" (Dunoon Burgh Hall Exhibition, dir. Marco Federici, February 2019)

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