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The Demarco Archive Virtual 360˚ Tour

Point your cursor on any area of the image below to view the space in 360˚ - then click on any of the small icons to progress and reveal a larger still image or over

20 videos of  Richard Demarco studying the many artworks, documents

and event photography in the archive. 

The Demarco Archive Trust will update this virtual experience regularly

as we individually capture the material within the many rooms.


We hope you enjoy this unique tour and please email your thoughts,

Richard would be delighted to hear your feedback!

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1: Long Gallery (Ground Floor)

Featuring event photography of Joseph Beuys, Edinburgh Arts and artworks by
Arthur Watson and Terry Ann Newman

2: The German Room (Ground Floor)
Event photography from Strategy: Get Arts and artworks for the 50th Anniversary Exhibition 


3: Main Room (1st Floor)
Event photography, artworks and documents

4: The Library (1st Floor)
Extensive collection of international cultural publications and documents

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