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Press Release


The Demarco European Art Foundation presents two unique contributions from Italy to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival in the Polish Room of the Demarco Wing of Robert McDowell's Summerhall Arts Centre.  They are entitled: 'The Market of Venice', curated by Paolo Puppa and Maggie Rose and directed by Paolo Puppa, and a scene from 'No Man's Land' presented by the Bottegavaga Venetian Theatre Company.  This particular part of the play 'No Man's Land' reveals Venice fraught with contradictions.


The Market of Venice

Market of Venice.png

'The Market of Venice', a cycle of one person plays, explores the idea of home and the housing crisis in Venice. Actors will perform or read some scenes in English, Italian, Venetian and Scots.


The cultural association, P.E.R. for a Self-Aware Venice, directed by Alberto Madricardo, runs a regular theatre workshop, aiming to encourage people living in Venice to reflect on the issues devastating their city. With each workshop, participants research a specific problem, write a play and perform it in theatres and site specific venues. The aim is to set up a dialogue with audience members in the hope that they too will decide to 'play their part' in bringing about change. 'The Market of Venice' has developed out of the programme of this theatre workshop.


13th August, 11am - 12noon  - The Polish Room

No Man's Land

No Mans Land.png

The Venetian Commedia dell'Arte company, Bottegavara, led by Alberta Toninato, will present a scene from “No Man's Land,” showing Venice fraught with contradictions. The city's positive and negatives aspects are inseparable, arousing strong emotion, like the feeling when you fall madly in love. The company tell the story using Commedia dell'Arte masks. However, the masks are not deployed in the traditional Commedia dell'Arte way, but allow performers to express genuine emotions, thanks to a dialogue infused with poetry and drama.


13th August, 11am - 12noon, The Polish Room

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