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Press Release from the Demarco European Art Foundation


Leeds Beckett University in collaboration with the Demarco European Art Foundation presents an unique contribution to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Programme at Robert McDowell's Summerhall Arts Centre.  This particular programme is in two parts.  One is entitled: 'In Their Own Words'.  The second part is entitled: 'Conversations with Demarco'.


In Their Own Words


Teresa Brayshaw, Anna Fenemore and Noel Witts will present a 4-hour durational happening entitled ‘In Their Own Words’ to accompany the launch of the 21st Century Performance Reader published by Routledge.  The happening will be presented in the Polish Room of the Demarco Archive. The book is brought to life through a series of ‘moments’ which involve the editors reading, conversing, debating and engaging in dialogue with each other, with artists present at the festival and with audience members.  This drop-in event will be of particular interest to those who want to experience the worlds created by the next generation of performance makers across the globe.


21 August - 24 August, 11am - 3pm, The Polish Room



Conversations with Demarco


A series of conversations between Noel Witts and Richard Demarco on artists represented in the Demarco Archive held at Summerhall.  Artists will include: Joseph Beuys, Tadeusz Kantor, Paul Neagu, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Yvette Bozsik and Marina Abramovic.  These conversations will be recorded and will form a contemporary record of Richard Demarco looking back at his experiences over a period of many years at the Edinburgh Festival.


21 August - 24 August, 5pm - 6pm, Special Guests, The Polish Room

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